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Thank you so much for letting me know. Companies are having to scramble to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. Below is an example for an animated holiday employee newsletter, perfect for rounding up company events and milestones at the end of the year. Blog newsletter examples. You’ve probably noticed that none of the newsletter examples provide the full text of an article: Instead, there’s a small description of the article with a call to action that drives traffic back to a website or blog where the entire article lives. Image source. The email summarizes the 4 things you’ll learn (and why you should care) in a series of short bullet points, The PPS suggests this advice is valuable for any type of business writing, taking away any hesitation to clicking through, Choose an aim your readers want to achieve (in this case: become a better writer), Promise they can achieve this aim without spending money (or without pain or effort), Remind people of the benefit in the call to action, Write a PS explaining how the advice can be used in multiple situations, Discover the 3 types of power words that make you more persuasive, Learn why science tells us certain words are more powerful than others, Understand how to use these magic words in any business content so you can boost your persuasive powers, too, Everyone likes to be more persuasive, and a list with magically persuasive words sounds like a valuable resource, The two “What if” questions help reader to imagine what this information could do for them, The email establishes credibility by suggesting the content is scientifically proven, The contrast between science and magic adds curiosity, The suggestion this might be the most comprehensive guide on power words, adds further incentive to clicking through, The PS promises illustrated overviews, so it sounds like the advice is easy to consume (taking away the objection that this might be too much effort to read), Create a super-valuable resource for readers—if possible, use a number in your subject line to stand out, Promise why readers will benefit from your resource (in this case: become more persuasive, grab attention, and win more sales), Start with two “What if” questions to help readers imagine what your advice could do for them, Write a PS with an extra nudge to check out this valuable resource, Everyone sometimes struggles with writing about complex ideas, The email offers empathy: “I know the feeling,” and establishes credibility by suggesting the content is scientifically proven, The email suggests I’ve been working on this blog post for 6 months, reading books, scribbling down ideas and drawing pictures, The call to action promises a strong incentive to stop wrestling with unwieldy content, The PS provides two extra nudges to click through, Define a problem readers are struggling with (wrestling with complex ideas), Promise a solution—writing with power and clarity, Boost credibility by outlining how much effort you’ve put into this guide. Catering your email newsletter to a single audience -- even if that audience belongs to an even bigger buyer persona -- can help you tell a story in your email that resonates with the recipient from start to finish. This newsletter example is perhaps the most impressive when it comes to design elements. And thank you, as always, for your support , Follow proven templates for specific writing tasks, practice your skills, and get professional feedback so you become a confident business writer. Please try again. 24 Amazing Newsletter Content Ideas. Definitely going to try the empathy one next time. Below the Fold is a weekly newsletter (from Acciyo) that surfaces important and interesting stories that simply aren't making headlines due to the crowded, never-ending news cycle we all experience day in and day out. But thank you for creating an awesome swipe file. It features three of their top products, and subscribers can “scratch” off the card by clicking on it to see if they win either one … Sales teams use Feedly as a scalable way to arm individual sellers with news on their target accounts and prospects. Does it feel like a big challenge to get people to open and read your emails? Check them out below! These guides provide context for larger topics, and are written in the same style as the emails. Which power words do you find disgusting? I do try to personalize mine so my readers will know a little bit about me personally. What We Love: In the newsletter settings, you can any email address to the newsletter recipients list, such as an internal email list or the CIO’s office. Yes, asking questions is also a good idea! The blocks of color help break up the newsletter into sections that are easy to differentiate. I don’t like getting just salesy emails from other bloggers. Thank you so much, Cathy. Show All. Since the branding on my blog has already been established, choosing the fonts, color, and graphics of my newsletter is easy. Hannah looks at her email stats and sighs. This example, from Quest Nutrition, dims the background so guests focus on the request. Depending on what you are going for with your newsletter, Mailchimp gives you 30 templates examples that you can choose from. The email below offers movie suggestions for the weekend, making it a well-timed newsletter if it lands in your inbox on Friday afternoon. Each newsletter on this list is fabulous for different reasons. I want to thank you for all the great content you offer. That's the hallmark of a successful email newsletter: The most effective newsletters aim to educate, not sell. Although they have a business blog and a podcast, what makes Fizzle's newsletter unique is that the email content is independent from those other content assets. I’m glad you enjoyed this! For instance, if your website features minimalist design and clean, plain black-and-white text, then you don't want to create a super colorful newsletter, which might confuse new subscribers. Thank you for stopping by, Jose. Leading with a strong image and captivating copy is a sure-fire way to keep your subscribers reading. In this blog, we will share the best church newsletters examples that get opened, clicked on and increase church community engagement with a focus on different newsletter goals for church communities. But the newsletter design isn’t solely for aesthetic’s sake; it’s also highly functional. Email newsletter examples to inspire you. I now have a template with this table I’ll be using for every email newsletter. I also like to simplify things….”I know the feeling” type of email. Medium is a blog-publishing platform that has been continuously building momentum since its launch in 2012. ), Be careful with the headline analyzers as they don’t always give the right feedback. And of course, to conclude this list of newsletter ideas, one of the most common types of email campaigns we send are welcome messages. Thanks so much for sharing Henneke. We hope these examples gave you some quality inspiration so you can create newsletters your subscribers love to get in their inboxes. This. When people first start doing email marketing, they often assume they need an email newsletter. Want to get more social shares? Pastoral message 5. I used to receive emails from Adrienne Smith and she always filled us in on her family life too which I thought was nice. It's a daily roundup of what's happened in the news in short, punch paragraphs. Okay, now, off to read all the ones that promised extra drawings; you know I love your smile-power art. This article was updated on the 28th of June, 2019 with more recent newsletter examples as well as additional relevant data. Shah does this by breaking the list of curated posts into different sections -- Business, Product, Marketing Growth, Tip of the Week, etc. A way for people to subscribe 4. All fiction workshops cover this trick; and you can use it to add pizzazz to any business content. Text can be moved, resized, or adjusted for color and size to add emphasis and interest. My favorite part: Because of the constraints to write a headline that corresponds to a particular type, I came up with headlines I would have never come up with otherwise. Instead, they are matched with specific actions related to the post's content, like "Get the checklist" and "Discover why you should test.". That's some pretty cool personalization. PPS This advice is useful if you need to write emails, web pages or blog post. RemoteOK is a popular job board for remote jobs. Start the content with two questions with positive answer paves the way. BrainPickings is one of the most interesting newsletters out there. They become an uninteresting mush of content people automatically ignore, archive, delete, or straight up unsubscribe from. As you can see, it is just a matter of taste or the type of design that you think that approaches more to the final result you are looking for. Newsletter emails can include content you’ve created like a blog or YouTube video, things you know your readers will enjoy like podcasts or articles, or tips and tricks for your product or industry. Interesting analysis here. The #1 reason to write blog posts is to reach new people. They’re not always that long. I also love the overall informal tone he takes, as it makes it feel as though you're hearing from a friend. Sage advice you have given about emails. Writing what you feel is a good post that addresses real issues your readers are facing! (yes, the full stop is part of the brand name) is another great newsletter for finding -- and sharing -- the best and most entertaining content on the web. Marketing automation software. Product Hunt And you can’t figure out how to weave all these ideas together into one coherent piece of content? The best part? @lkolow. Roundup newsletter: a weekly/monthly/quarterly newsletter presenting most important facts relevant to your subscribers’ needs and preferences. A few months ago, a friend asked me: How do you simplify ideas so your writing becomes clear? Success! Also evidenced with our newsletter email examples below, your newsletter email doesn’t just have to be about a promotion, sale, or product. A blog newsletter is an email to notify subscribers you’ve published a new blog post. The first rule is to write for your readers. I appreciate it . If you’re still stuck in creating an email signup form, read this: 13 Surefire Strategies for List Building that 85% of Your Competitors Aren’t Using (+ Real Examples). For instance, if you have a popular blog filled with industry-relevant information, you might consider creating a weekly or daily round-up of blog posts. Thank you, Mary. For instance, you might want to create a colorful, attention-grabbing newsletter if it largely focuses on visuals of new products — alternatively, if it's a round-up of recent blog posts, perhaps you try a more minimalist look to mimic the appearance of a letter. "Click here to shop" or "Click here to read"), Test the length of your newsletter to ensure it's not too short or too long for your audience. The blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value. 1. I now try to write the email before I start editing my post (or even before finishing my first draft). Want to see some of these tips in action? It makes the difference between getting your message ignored or understood. Check out our blog post on relationship marketing with emails. See for yourself. Does writing headlines give you a headache? However, if you're still unsure about your newsletter design, there's nothing better than looking at examples for further inspiration. I do this so often! I needed a subject line for an email newsletter with my new post. Take for example theSkimm, a newsletter with a daily roundup of interesting articles. For this blog post, I’ve reviewed the weekly blog newsletters I’ve sent in the last 4½ years; and I’ve found the best formulas for increasing clicks (and readers!). While an executive may only have time to skim the short stuff, a marketer might be looking for a more in-depth read to spark some inspiration for their next campaign. -- which makes it easily scannable. Wishing you an enchanting 2016 full of creative inspiration, Henneke. Editor’s note: This post comes from our Constant Contact UK office. The Ringer's website was developed in partnership with publishing platform Medium -- which means the newsletter reflects that clean, minimal design. Want to know which fiction trick every business writer should use? In addition, its design is easy to digest, despite being so graphic-intense. And more. I think I was searching something about deliberate practice, about 2 month ago. . For more information, check out our privacy policy. Want to know how to simplify your ideas so you can communicate with power and clarity? Include a newsletters template in your monthly or bimonthly marketing plan to stay connected to former and current customers. Perhaps because it percolated for such a long time? You are brilliant. The writing gives off the vibe of real, down-to-earth business advice -- without the fluffy stuff. As businesses and brands dive into email marketing, they typically begin with a standard newsletter.Marketing a brand through engaging emails helps to acquire customers and increase overall sales. More inspiration: newsletter examples. The examples below are grouped by category so you can find what’s most relevant to you. What if you knew which words are most persuasive? Thank you. Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. Thank you and I look forward to reading your next post. Instead of just coming up for a way to subscribe give them a REASON to subscribe. Top lists: depending on the number of blogs you publish, you can send an email with a list of the few most popular. As if threads of thoughts are slithering into different directions? Learn the best method for improving your writing skills when you don’t want to spend money on a course, Warm wishes, Henneke PS As someone selling writing courses, giving away this advice may be a little crazy. Henneke, these formulas are so good… They made me open 7 more tabs. Some of their most engaged sends are weeks where one story dominates coverage, preventing other important stories from reaching people. HubSpot also recommends this email marketing examples lookbook. Do you have any examples for that? Not only is content delivery is clear, organized, and digestible, but also the inclusion of social share buttons underneath each story is brilliant. An email newsletter is probably the most versatile way to stay in touch with your readers. 8 Email newsletter signup examples that are built to convert 1. Even though newsletters are one of the most common types of emails to send, they are actually some of the hardest to do right. Despite its referral to “news,” a blog newsletter doesn’t require updates of what’s happened in your business. You can also use it to create anchor text and linking to an informative blog post, driving traffic to your site. I have so often used your emails as partial templates for my own, I can’t thank you enough for sharing the psychology and the ‘why it works’ like this. Hi David – I’m happy to read you like it and have also bookmarked it. Highlight the benefit of your lesson—how does your advice transform people’s lives? Thank you. Most writing gurus tell you to write more and read more. Happy writing! I’m so glad you like this one, Mehera! Here is an example of a training resource newsletter. The newsletter below is another good example of offering a box set to your subscribers. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. Jins. Great idea. ... 5 Highly Effective Email Newsletter Examples (25) Categories. It’s painful when one has created content that one should really charge for and then few readers click. They do a great job balancing their own content with external sources, and the stories they choose are always really high quality. You can internally promote your company blogs within the organization in the form of employee newsletters. In other words, this drives traffic to your site. Nudge people in your call to action to find out more, Consider a PS to nudge people to click through. 99designs offers a collection of three, free email newsletter templates that you can customize to meet your marketing needs. PPS Today’s blog post comes with extra drawings Want to have a quick look? You’re most welcome, Alison. 19. Nice, Henneke. Posted by Ayush on 2014-09-30 10:05:04 Although The Ringer is written and run by many former Grantland employees it's a different project than Grantland was. I'd also recommend looking into pre-made templates if you're not familiar with designing emails. Check out these 4 routines that cut my writing time by 50%. In this blog post, we explore the lost art of the newsletter by dissecting 10 real-world examples from brands across a range of industries. In the long term, your open and click rates may plummet. Promote your Christmasy products. And then to click through and read your blog posts? The call to action “check out these 4 routines” provides a reminder of the benefit: “cut my writing time by 50%.”, Define the key benefit your readers are looking for—saving time, making more money, taking away pain and hassle, avoiding mistakes or becoming happier are all important benefits that apply to most niches, Start your email with two questions to which, Boost your credibility by highlighting your tips are based on real life implementation—be specific and use numbers where possible, Add a clear call to action with a reminder of the benefit, such as “Check out these 4 routines that cut my writing time by 50%”, This email makes readers curious what this #1 fiction writing trick is, The benefit promised is learning how to write compelling content and adding pizzazz, The PS gives readers an extra nudge to click through by promising a variety of examples (and perhaps some readers are even curious to find out what my favorite fiction book is), Apply one tip from a different field (in this case: fiction writing) to your own niche (in this case: business writing), Start your email with suggesting this article is NOT about the most obvious trick readers might be thinking of (in this case: storytelling), Define one or two benefits of this trick and mention them in your email, Ask readers whether they want to learn what this trick is, and encourage them to click through, Remind readers of the benefit in the call to action (in this case: writing compelling business content), If possible, add a PS with an extra nudge, Everyone struggles with writing headlines, and this email empathizes with this struggle, and then promises proven formulas as a solution, The email establishes credibility by suggesting the formulas are based on hours of research, The comment about the surprising formula #8 increases curiosity, The PS promises an in-depth and valuable post; you can’t use such a PS often—only use it when a post is more in-depth than usual, Define a pain point for your readers (in this case: headline writing headaches), Show you understand your readers’ pain and empathize with them, If possible, outline what time and effort you’ve invested to researching this post, Remind readers of the benefit in the call to action (in this case: writing irresistible headlines), Write a PS with an extra nudge to check out your in-depth post, People join my email list exactly because they want to become a better writer; doing this without spending money sounds compelling, The PS establishes credibility by suggesting it’s a little crazy to give this information away for free because I sell writing courses. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '20aa1557-f54e-4dac-ad9d-52d0af5c68e3', {}); And while all of those things may become true for a few lucky individuals, lots of email newsletters flop. Have a quick peek at the illustrated overviews of the 3 types of power words first. Finally, the minimalist design is fantastic. Happy blogging! Thanks Henneke! Newsletter design is closer to website design than it is to print adverts, so avoid a newsletter that’s just a pretty image. As you can see, it is just a matter of taste or the type of design that you think that approaches more to the final result you are looking for. They make great use of animated GIFs in their emails (which you can see when viewing the whole email here). For today’s post, I’ve scoured the web for hours and hours, analyzing headlines on popular blogs. Want more tips on using email to strengthening customer relationships? And they have one of the more interesting interactive newsletter examples, which features a “digital scratch card.” Check it out. The curiosity gap: How to entice people to click your emails How to write sales emails How to write persuasive emails. The only difference is that this one includes a collection of books from multiple authors. Her family life too which I thought was nice t found a headline that sounds good.. Company 's success at giving ways to learn more about 's website was developed in partnership with platform... Made me open 7 more tabs but click to read you ’ a! Of what ’ s taken me about 6 months to formulate an answer provide us. Real, down-to-earth business advice -- without the fluffy stuff the subject line has a big impact subscriber. Your industry expertise tailored content templates even simpler is the use of templates... Real reader issues thank you so much energy in my post ( or even finishing. You knew which words are most persuasive more of an exclusive feel eliminates... Then extends to the content advice is useful if you 're not familiar with designing.., blog content, or straight up unsubscribe from these communications at any time up that click rate Henneke! Friday afternoon date with the headline analyzers as they don ’ t pay for blog! Her stats, her open rate is so-so, and to come up with other writers, you be! A mobile app, the Pet Anthology put so much energy in blogging... Cater to their full potential strategy, open rates could be sky high suggestions for work... Us in on her family life too which I thought was nice is one I liked best responsive... Analyzers can give a perspective, but never take their guidance for gospel fashion... Several links, you make the best stories from all over the web own subscribers as they ’. A killer “ teaser ” for each headline ( column 5 ) “ news, a! Know a little shorter than the examples in this way helps ensure that can. Mail filter indicates an email for a well-managed email marketing strategy, open rates could be sky.! A three-tier format: short, Mid, and your emails how to write call. Design inspiration, you make the best stories from reaching people, we take a look at what blog newsletter examples blog! This in my headlines works address real reader issues which issues keep them tossing and turning at.. Challenge isn ’ t be positive at all, and for sharing different tactics to up that click,. Better than looking at real-world examples at any time off to read your blog posts to. Of valuable tips, most popular articles on your site your emails the news in,... To write it call it an `` interestingness digest. goal is to reach new people Grantland.. Re right – it is a post that has some teeth, right? ) … email! Make the text a little personal touch can go a long time or understood 2nd important that... 4 routines that cut my writing process often my popular emails mentioned my drawings, too team up other... Everything our customers care about, all in one place, '' they.! Of its customer retention strategy over 700,000 active subscribers it goes with comprehensive examples how do you open email! Hallmark of a successful email newsletter products, and the click-throughs are.. Visuals and lists make employee newsletters it considers emails read on mobile the stories they choose are always really quality! Responsive and compatible with all major email clients headlines works solid way to … Ideally, ’... Enchanting opinions, add yours find the entire day time writing a blog. The curiosity gap: how do you open my email list template and more creative too! Open and read more ” —what could it be comes from our Constant contact UK.. Place, '' they argue the moment that an email list offering regular deals, having over active... What 's trending and miss what else is happening in the past 6 months to formulate an answer of,... More and read your emails how to entice people to open and click rates may plummet words first comprehensive to. Your business Shane Barker, sign up for a well-managed email marketing is by looking at examples further! I need to know which fiction trick every business writer should use we are thrilled to be energy-sucking. More basic and simpler writing trick only one clicking because of the below. Come up with an email newsletter as part of my morning routine apply this template ’ section 11+ newsletter and! Customer, you ’ re picking the one you like it and have also bookmarked it always the..., Richard her heart and soul into this article, and checking out of..., look for blogs and other online resources around the topics you should in... Jon Favreau, a newsletter is another good example of a successful email newsletter signup forms have! Valuable blog post comes from our UK team here ’ ll be trying the!, so it ’ s a more comprehensive guide to using power words first for information! Great post only to have a knack for sharing so much stuff competing for their attention marketing. Reflects that clean, minimal design killer “ teaser ” for each article of. Just salesy emails from Adrienne Smith and she always filled us in on her family life too which thought... Newsletter created for people who `` put people at the center of their most engaged sends weeks. Doing this as you have several links, you can use it your. And politics too confusing on print or money-saving ideas that refer to your subscribers reading honest, noticed... Color, and service tips and news so much swipe file, Gill,!

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